Romsey was the Society’s main exhibition layout for many years. It was chosen as a prototype for a number of reasons.

It was local and all the major buildings had survived the rationalisation process and could be measured and photographed,having remained virtually unchanged for a long time. This made it suitable for modelling any period from the 1930s to the 1970s.

The railway at this point is on an embankment, allowing trains to be viewed without interference from the foreground, which had the added advantage that the number of buildings required for the layout was reduced, since the embankment pushed adjoining buildings off the baseboard.

The variety of traffic to be seen, both through and local, giving an interesting mixture to try to portray.

The fact that the main buildings were still in existence and been little altered over the years enabled very accurate, highly-detailed models of them to be constructed. The superb, award-winning models were the work of Malcolm Snellgrove, and were constructed from styrene sheet.

The pictures will no doubt jog a few memories.

1 thought on “Romsey

  1. Brilliant, I took the train to Romsey for a while & this (especially the station house) is very rememberable.
    I can see I am gonna have to do something like this even if it’s just to get the kid off his puter!
    Lovely pictures 🙂

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