Exhibition Layouts 2016

4mm Scale, OO Gauge:

EVERCREECH NEW – by the Southampton Model Railway Society; BR Somerset & Dorset in the 1950s.  A near scale model of this station, being shown as a work in progress.

HERCULANEUM DOCK – by Mike Edge; BR London Midland, Mersey Docks and Liverpool Overhead Railway in the early 1950s.

ESKMUIR – by Tony Bucknell; BR Scottish Region in the early 1960s.

PENDAVEY DRIES – by Bob Goodwin; BR Southern Region in china clay country.

QUINTON LANE – by Jim Kylle; goods yard off the West London line in the early 1960s.

YEWSTON ROAD –  by David Barker; BR LMR motive power depot somewhere in the north-west of England circa 1960.

NEW STANTON LEES (Mk 3) – by Derek Gillkerson; Modern-day.

Childrens’ Layout – by the Fareham & District MRC, for the kiddies to get hands-on.


4mm Scale, EM Gauge:

CHEWTON MENDIP – by Tim Tincknell; fictitious ex-S&D branch in the 1950s.

CLEVEDON WCPR – by Andrew Ullyott, Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway.

HOPE-UNDER-DINMORE – by the South Hants MRC; GWR/LNWR on the Shrewsbury & Hereford line.

KIRKMELLINGTON – by Graham Bucknell; BR Scottish Region + NCB, 1968-73.


4mm Scale, 18.83 Gauge (P4):

RAVENSCROFT SIDINGS – by Simon Bendall, BR Sectorisation c1988.

FLINTCOMBE – by the East Dorset Gang of Four; Somerset & Dorset.


4mm Scale, 12mm Gauge (OOn3)

CASTLEDERG – by Andy Cundick; Irish 3ft gauge.


7mm Scale, O Gauge:

CASTERBRIDGE – by the Southampton Model Railway Society; BR SR c1955-65. This is your last chance to see this layout.

WINTERLEY WHARF – by John Shaw; GWR in the 1930s.

WANTAGE – by D.S Cox; the Wantage Tramway.


7mm Scale, O-16.5:

GRETTON & WENLOCK – by the “CLANGERS” group, freelance Narrow Gauge.


2mm Finescale:

TUCKING MILL – by Jerry Clifford, North Somerset Light Railway.


N Gauge:

HOGLINGTON – by Ray Hogben; BR North Eastern Region in the early 1960s.

BURSHAW NORTH WESTERN – by David Forshaw; the West Coast mainline in Lancashire in the early 1970s.

SEAHAVEN – by the Southampton Model Railway Society; built with the latest finescale track, being shown as a work in progress.