Seahaven is a little known resort on the South coast of England. Originally a sleepy fishing village where the fishing boats were, and still are, dragged up on to the beach after each fishing trip. In the late nineteenth century the railways came to Seahaven allowing the tourist trade to flourish.

With the gradual rundown of the railways after the 2nd world war Seahaven became a commuter town with regular services along the South coast and up to London. The small goods yard is used for local freight from the fishing industry.


The layout has been an experiment by club members to build a layout using the Finescale ‘N’ track kits, that have been become available, and also to see to what extent we could control a layout digitally.

We found the track construction a bit daunting at first but it gets easier as you go along. Plain track work is straight forward and the points are easy with the correct jigs. The first point took several club nights to make, but they get easier with practice and now a point can be made in an evening.

The digital control is by ‘Digitrax’ which we have found best suited for what we want. This is our first layout without a control panel; all points are DCC controlled by the operators using their hand throttles. We can run with tethered throttles or radio control.

Another feature of this layout is the use of Dapol’s Easi-shunt coupling system. It has long been the holy grail too have some sort of automatic coupling/uncoupling system in “N”gauge. This is our first layout to have it fitted from the start. The rolling stock has been fitted with Easi-shunt couplings, where needed, and magnets have been pre-positioned on the track. If all goes according to plan we will be able to carry out shunting manoeuvres without intervention from the operators!

The fiddle yard is a seven track turntable allowing us plenty of variety of trains. This was fitted after the difficulty we had lining up the original sector plate, plus we found three roads to be restrictive to operate.