New Stanton Lees

4mm Scale OO Gauge
By Derek Gilkerson

This is a replacement for the original STANTON LEES, which was exhibited for many years until the baseboard collapsed. The new layout has been built to a new track plan using new materials and Peco Code 75 track and live-frog points. Most of the infrastructure is new, although some was “recycled“ from the previous layout. The layout does not resemble any location, it is just a compact layout to show how much can be put into a small space.

The layout was built to operate Class 121, 150 and 153 diesel multiple units, but also to be seen on the layout are “Track Refurbishment Units“, Class 47 and 66 diesel locomotives, Multiple Purpose Vehicles (MPV’s) and Eddie Stobart “VGA Vans“. Some of the units have been fitted with Kadee couplings that are more realistic and make it easier to couple two units together.

The warehouse complex and loading/unloading dock is by Modern Structures in Miniature. On the layout are some of the new 1/76 scale Eddie Stobart lorries. A recent addition is a storage siding, fuelling and
Maintenance Depot which is located at the New Stanton Lees Station end of the layout, enabling more flexibility and operation of the DMU fleet.

The name “STANTON LEES” (the original layout) was an inspiration from my late wife, after the small village of that name way up in the Peak District of Derbyshire, where we spent many a holiday. The replacement layout is called “NEW STANTON LEES” in her memory.

Layout Size: 12ft x 1ft
Travels in 1 car with 2 operators.


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