Yewston Road

Yewston Road is a former LNWR motive power depot somewhere in the north-west of England.  Based on the cramped track layout of the depot at Lancaster Green Ayre, it is set around 1960.  There is a four-road engine shed in the later LMS style with a reinforced concrete roof and smoke vents, accessed via the 70-foot turntable.  The coal stage is a typical LNWR “coal hole” and there is a fuel point for the new-fangled diesels in one corner.

It is a busy depot, with locomotives coming and going all day.  Most of the later LMS types can be seen whilst a few pre-grouping designs still soldier on.  Some early diesels can be seen, mainly coming in for refuelling.  Operation is by DCC using Digitrax equipment as this is the Southampton MRS standard.  Some of the diesels are fitted with sound modules.

Originally built as a home layout by John Hilton of Romsey and never exhibited, it was purchased in 2014.  Some buildings and detail, including the shed offices, have been added behind the engine shed and the terraced houses have replaced the previous back scene.   A small fiddle yard has been added to the original layout.

CMRA Day (1) July 2015 (Ali B)

© Alison Barker

CMRA Day (3) July 2015 (Ali B)

© Alison Barker

Soton (2) Jan 2016 (Phil Hall)

© Philip Hall