Cartsdyke Yard

Scale : 7mm/O Gauge

John Purdie

Cartsdyke Yard is a freelance design based on a trackplan illustrated in the October 1996 issue of the Railway Modeller. The length of the layout as suggested in the article was 3 m, but this has been extended to 5 m by the addition of a locomotive run-round for the platform, an engine shed and a cattle dock. The concept of the model is that it is a small yard off a much larger main yard in a town centre setting. The yard is surrounded by walls on all four sides, the front wall having been left off to permit viewing of the model. Although the stock is LNER, the setting could be around London, or a large town in the north east of England, or even somewhere in Scotland. The layout consists of:

  •  A small platform for local people and workmen.
  • Coal staithes for the local coal merchant.
  •  A small company unloading bay under the arches.
  •  A cattle dock supplying the local abattoir.
  • A goods platform, from which all materials unloaded by jib crane would pass straight into the warehouse.
  • An engine shed stabling the yard shunter.

The baseboards are constructed from chipboard, with timber framing. Track, points and point motors are Peco.

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