Exhibition Layouts 2015

Below is a listing of the layouts for the exhibition. We are still awaiting confirmation of a couple of layouts and these will be updated as soon as we have the details.

Alexandria Road, N Gauge

Cairndhu, N Gauge

Wadebridge, N Gauge, BR (SR)

Barton Hill, N Gauge, Modern era

Masham, 3mm Scale/14.2mm Gauge, North Eastern Railway

Teignford, 3mm Scale/12mm Gauge, BR (WR)

Modbury Torr, 3mm Scale/12mm Gauge, GWR

Hollow Fosse, 3mm Scale/12mm Gauge, BR (WR)

Leicester South Goods, 4mm Scale/OO Gauge, BR (ER – Great Central section)

Priors End, 4mm Scale/OO Gauge, BR (SR), 1970’s 3rd rail electrics

Lowe Quay, 4mm Scale/OO Gauge, BR (SR)

Botleigh Old North Road, 4mm Scale/OO Gauge, BR (SR)

Brighton East, 4mm Scale/EM, 18.2mm Gauge, c1998-2003

Hebble Vale Goods, 4mm Scale/EM, 18.2mm Gauge, BR (N)ER, Blue Diesels

Kitehouses, 4mm Scale/P4, 18.83 Gauge, BR (NER)

Maindee East Engine Shed, 4mm Scale/P4, 18.83 Gauge, BR (WR)

Valencia Harbour, 4mm Scale/21mm Gauge, Irish (steam era)

Tal Coed, 4mm Scale/9mm Gauge (OO-9), Welsh Narrow Gauge

Wherewithial, 4mm Scale/9mm Gauge (OO-9), Freelance Narrow Gauge

Littlebridge, 7mm Scale/O Gauge, GWR

FAIRHAVEN TOWN – 7mm scale/O gauge, BR SR c1948-50

Dock Green, 7mm Scale/O Gauge, BR (ER – GN section)

Yes Tor Junction, 7mm Scale/O Gauge, LSWR

Childrens’ Layout, 4mm Scale/OO Gauge, Freelance


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