Cornwallis Yard

4mm Scale, EM Gauge
Presented by David & Alison Barker

The work of the late Bob Haskins, Cornwallis Yard represents a fictional section of the GWR’s Millbay branch in Plymouth circa 1935. The branch was famous as a railhead for Ocean Liner traffic, with the GWR providing boat trains between Plymouth and Paddington.

On the upper level is part of Millbay Road Station and Cornwallis Yard goods depot. The lower level includes a small engine shed and a couple of carriage sidings. A working wagon hoist provides access between the two levels for a wagon works. The goods warehouse is based on Canons Marsh, with Millbay Road station modelled on Parson Street (both prototypes in Bristol). Other buildings are models of structures in the Plymouth and South Devon area. Many of the retaining walls, Millbay Road bridge and various other structures were built by Bob from polystyrene meat/pizza trays, scribed and painted with acrylics to represent the local stone.

Cornwallis Yard was completed after Bob’s death by some of his friends, who added several more buildings and the wagon hoist, together with final scenic detailing, various figures – and a sizeable population of gulls. Since acquiring the layout, we have modified the fiddle yard arrangements into a continuous run, added our locomotives and rolling stock to some of Bob’s originals and hope that he would have approved of these developments.

Layout size: 16ft 6in x 9ft 8in, front operation.
2 cars and 4 operators.
Overnight accommodation required if more than approx 70 miles or 1hr 15mins from Southampton.

All the images below are by Steve Flint of Peco Publications & Publicity Ltd, Beer, Seaton, Devon, EX2 3NA. Copyright is reserved.

1 thought on “Cornwallis Yard

  1. Hi, enjoyed seeing Cornwallis Yard a couple of times last year. Recall talking to your operators regarding the underlay on your curved ends. Recall they said it was acoustic foam as used in loudspeakers. I wonder if you are able to tell me how do you find this works? Many thanks.

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