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New members are always welcome. If you would like to find out more about us, please contact the Society’s Hon Secretary,  Ian Corps (e-mail address below), or come along to one of our evening meetings at the club in Kemps Quay on Monday, Wednesday or Friday evening between 7 pm and 10 pm at:

Unit 1b Kemps Quay Industrial Park
Quayside Road
SO18 1BZ

For details on joining us, our exhibition, requests for

our club and members’ models for exhibitions, or for further information about our models please e-mail: Ian Corps

18 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • yes Robert there is wheel chair access to all the halls (the cafeteria hall has steps one end and wheel chair access the other – so this hall involves a detour). Regards Andy

  1. Andy,
    Just a short note to thank you all for great day yesterday,I enjoyed the show very much. I particularly enjoyed Crumley and Little Wickhill. Often. Freelance layout leaves me cold,especially narrow gauge but this layout was a real treat to look at and watch in operation. It helped greatly to have such friendly and chatty operators. Please extend my thanks to them also.
    Lastly,your own layout,Ackthorpe,took me back to the late seventies early eighties when I was the local p.way manager in charge of that line right through to Pontefract. The main lines had been upgraded for HST high speed running to relieve the Doncaster main line of traffic heading for Sheffield. The cross country HST service was routed through here. By the time I got there it was beginning to get run down as main line services were transfered to the Old GN route either via Doncaster or via Leeds,even though it took longer it was thought that the additional passenger pick up on these routes was worth it. The route had an eerie feel to it with only merry go round coal trains and the former main lines wee rusted up,the only shine they got was when weekend ECML trains were diverted along them

  2. I enjoyed the show but felt that there was an imbalance on scales. There appeared to be more of the larger scales and Z gauge was not represented at all. I model in N and Z gauge so felt that, given the size of the exhibition more could have been done for modellers of these scales.

    • I will pass on your comments to the Exhibition Manager… I would have like to see more O gauge 🙂 . Our Exhibition Manager is very particular about what he asks to come and I think some years we struggle to find layouts that have not been seen in the South and match his desired standards. Meanwhile I will nag our Treasurer to ‘get a move on’ with his finescale 2mm scale model set in the Highlands of Scotland!

  3. What an excellent layout Ackthorpe is, I grew up close by and seeing the layout in Railway Modelller brought back some great memories from the early sixties until the demise of steam as I spent hours train spotting close to Moorthorpe Station at the junction of the Shefffield-York and the Doncaster-Leeds lines. The layout has prompted me, now I am semi retired and have some time, to build myself an oo gauge layout in one of our outbuildings based on the same area to re-live my youth as it were. One question, I do not recall seeing a Garrett loco, perhaps I was just unlucky not to, I do recall however seeing them at Worsborough Bridge hauling heavy Iron ore or coal trains heading west towards the penines. Do any of the oo gauge manufacturers make a Garrett?
    I don’t suppose the club would let me have a larger scale track plan than the one in the magazine please?
    Thanks again and regards, Drew.

    • Alan
      I don’t think there is a current track plan of Littleton. I will ask the layout’s owner if he has one – if he does and he is happy to have it published, I will try and oblige.

  4. I greatly enjoyed seeing your 2018 exhibition on Utube! I came upon it whilst searching for Southampton Models, from which I purchased an EWS Class 37 in 1997, via phone from the U.S.
    (That was four years before I started using eBay.) It appears they are no longer in business, at least not under that name. I am curious as to its demise, as I thought it was quite a going concern back then. Can you enlighten me?
    Regards, Bob

  5. A real pleasure to see Ackworth at Wakefield. Very good modelling and wonderfully entertaining. What more could one ask for? Easily the best at the show by a country mile. Thank you to all of you that made it happen.


    Steve L

  6. Thank you very much yet another excellent day out at your model show today. Just every layout was superb. If I was a little closer to Eastleigh then I would be down tomorrow as well.

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